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DISC Personality Profiling...

Multilingual DISC Personality Report

  • Online profile language translation
  • Identifies personality style
  • Keys to understand yourself & others
  • Includes style-based interview questions
  • Internet profiling PDF reports
  • Ideal for Personal Development & HR
  • 7 minute assessment with instructions
Multilingual DISC Personality Report

DISC profile online assessment and personal report translated into English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Danish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay and Thai. Identifies personalities and includes possible challenging questions often asked by interviewers, based on personality style. Uses include personal development, coaching, recruiting, counselling, human resource management and consulting. See sample English Report (pdf).

Once purchased, the assessment link and login code are emailed to you and the report download link follows after completion. The results are based on the responses given.

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