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DISC Personality Profiling...

Online DISC Training Course

  • Web-training with professional trainer
  • Self-study, self-paced distance e-learning
  • University validated certification course
  • Covers effective use of e-DISC Reports
  • Certificate upon satisfactory completion
  • For business, home, social environments
  • Equips trainers to conduct DISC seminars
  • Free delegate certification support
Online DISC Training Course

Our online Level 1 DISC training provides a comprehensive introduction to the DISC system, enabling a greater understanding of colleagues, family and friends. This e-Course will help you discover how and why decisions are made & whether a person operates through task or relational orientation to gain a greater appreciation of others. By identifying personality styles you will be equipped to motivate others toward greater productivity, to enhance personal and professional relationships as you learn how different people communicate, recognise and develop strengths, resolve conflicts, helping children, teenagers and young adults to develop a positive self-image. This training module does not grant a certification or qualification in psychological counselling. Upgrade to DISC Certification by adding Level 2 for Business or Ministry

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