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DISC Seminars, Training & Consultations

DISC Seminars, Training & Consultations
For Business, Education, Family, Church
In-House or distance learning
Course based or Custom Modules
IML DISC Certified Trainers
SkillWorks Approved Training Supplier
One-to-One, Small or Large Group
Consultations for Conflict Resolution,
Team and Leadership Development

Whether you are in Business, Education, Church, Ministry or desire relational development, Goldisc training products will help empower you to understand different personalities, to gain an appreciation of how each one prefers to communicate and the differing, yet predictable factors to motivate each one. This understanding will equip you as you manage people, build teams, identify stressed or misplaced employees, recruit staff, resolve conflicts or relate to college students, your spouse, teenagers or children. This is an equipping for everyday life.

We take a flexible approach to training, providing both standard sessions of half or full day and also customising to suit particular requirements, with evening and weekend sessions available. Our accredited trainers deliver DISC training in a variety of formats, to large or small groups and on a one to one basis, providing DISC Certification as required. Our consultants can work with you on specific projects, including team building, leadership development, stress management and resolving conflicts. As a SkillWorks approved supplier, businesses in the Greater Merseyside area can receive a subsidy of up to 60%, subject to conditions and availability.

Goldisc is an Authorised Agent for PeopleKeys/The Institute for Motivational Living, one of the largest publishers of D.I.S.C. Profiles, Courses, Resources, Reports and IML DISCInsights™, Peoplekeys®, MinistryKeys™ online personality style profiling assessments for recruiting, training and retaining employees and staff in Business and Ministry. This includes Peoplekeys® HR Training, job position benchmarks, Consultations & Team building. StudentKeys™ internet Report and paper workbook series, help students flourish in college, career and life. Careerkeys® for Teenagers and adults starting, changing and restarting careers.

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