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About Goldisc

Potential for success is within every person, with strengths to be developed and utilised. Goldisc is committed to empowering and equipping people to reach this potential and find their place of fulfilment in life; in relationships, careers, education, business, church, family and personal life.

Our trainers are certified by The Institute for Motivational Living to train and skilfully apply the DISC personality system to people in all walks of life, using development reports DISC profiles, self-paced study courses, seminars, resources & consultations. We aim to help each one discover their unrecognised resources, to capitalise on their strengths and eliminate the undermining effects of weaknesses.

Keys for personal, business and career progression will help:

  • Parents understand their children and see results at home and school
  • Teenagers & job seekers plan and pursue energising, fulfilling careers
  • Businesses recruit & retain the right people, maximising team synergy
  • People improve communication and enhance relationships
  • Professionals go for gold and finish the race

To learn more about the personality system, see What is DISC?

Goldisc is an Authorised Agent for PeopleKeys/The Institute for Motivational Living, one of the largest publishers of D.I.S.C. Profiles, Courses, Resources, Reports and IML DISCInsights™, Peoplekeys®, MinistryKeys™ online personality style profiling assessments for recruiting, training and retaining employees and staff in Business and Ministry. This includes Peoplekeys® HR Training, job position benchmarks, Consultations & Team building. StudentKeys™ internet Report and paper workbook series, help students flourish in college, career and life. Careerkeys® for Teenagers and adults starting, changing and restarting careers.

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