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Personality Profiling for Education & Careers

Profiling for Education & Careers

DISC personality profiling for school, education & careers helps students develop their potential to improve academic performance and enjoyment, getting the best out of the educational experience. Relationships are strengthened by a greater appreciation of others with skills gained to prevent and resolve conflicts. Personality courses & training in both self-study distance learning & seminar formats equip students, parents & educators at home, schools, colleges & universities. Each will gain a greater understanding of themselves and others with keys for effective communication to enhance every relationship.

StudentKeys™ student development series uses a strength based approach to teach teenagers about communication, learning and motivation, focussing on the discovery and enhancement of personal qualities. StudentKeys™ is available as individual paper workbooks, as a folder set and with optional leader's guides. The series can also be delivered via the Internet with online assessments and personal PDF reports.

Careerkeys® reports assist students in the process of planning a successful and fulfilling career, from selecting subject options as an early teenager through to college, university choices and job interview preparation. The reports include personality style characteristics, growth areas and possible career matches. Careerkeys® is also available for those seeking careers, either the first job, a career change or resulting from redundancy.

Goldisc is an Authorised Agent for PeopleKeys/The Institute for Motivational Living, one of the largest publishers of D.I.S.C. Profiles, Courses, Resources, Reports and IML DISCInsights™, Peoplekeys®, MinistryKeys™ online personality style profiling assessments for recruiting, training and retaining employees and staff in Business and Ministry. This includes Peoplekeys® HR Training, job position benchmarks, Consultations & Team building. StudentKeys™ internet Report and paper workbook series, help students flourish in college, career and life. Careerkeys® for Teenagers and adults starting, changing and restarting careers.

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